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i know you’ve probably already hacked into all of my accounts. but you need to know this since you obviously can’t take the hint.

we’re done. you can’t win me over by figuring out my new email address. by sending me stupid things you know i’ll love. by showing up outside of my window in the middle of the night. by showing up at my work with some new girl.

i want nothing to do with you anymore. you’ve ruined me enough. and i’m tired of wasting my life on you.

to who it may concern

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the shoes you’re going to fill aren’t very big. i need you to understand i’m relatively broken; not entirely, but i’m going to be scared.  i’m going to be scared to trust you enough to give you everything.  but please understand i really want to.  i’ll need time and comfort and support.  i’ll need you to be okay with me getting back to normal.

i can’t wait to start with you,

we were always so chipped

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